June Fishing Report

The Post floods have presented plenty of fishing options for the Bundaberg region. Lake Monduran has still been fishing well with plenty of Barra caught through the month of May, but now winter is just around the corner the Barra fishing will definitely slow down as colder water temps set in. Barra will head to warm water which is generally at the backs of warm shallow bays where they will sit shoulder to shoulder trying to keep their body temps up and preserve as much energy as they can over the colder months. This is not to say these fish will not bite and stealth is of the utmost importance as they will spook easily. The trick to maximising your chance of hooking a winter Barra is to downsize your line class to 15 to 20lb braid where we would normally use 30 to 50lb and 30 to 40lb leader when we would normally use 60 to 80lb. Also switch to smaller surface lures like the 4 inch Zman frogs and use smaller subsurface hardbodies and plastics like Jackall Squirells, Tilsan Barra,s 4″ hollow bellies and the 4″ Zman Swimmerz. Over the previous 8 years of fishing the lake I have learnt to use winter as a starting point to the next season. The reason being is that these fish will not wander far from their winter warmth and when the first spike in water temp comes around ,you will be all over it. If you do have the chance […]

May Fishing Report

Lake Monduran’s water level has stabilised and the Barra fishing is back on track. When the water levels in any stocked impoundment are on the rise, or on the decrease it always makes the fishing a little harder. In our case, the barra sense the fluctuation in water level which changes their normal behaviour patterns and in affect, can put them off the bite. The post flood fishing has been the best we’ve had this season so far and on a recent charter I had clients hook up to 14 barra and boat 8 of those fish, which were all around the 65cm mark in a great little session. Recently, on a reconnaissance trip I came across a large number of barramundi schooled up under a patch of lily pads, in only 1 to 2m of water , in a spot I have not fished for many years. Finding these barra isn’t an easy task and is only a result of many hours scouring my hummingbird side imaging sounder, which is the ultimate barra hunting tool. Once you find where the barra are holding up, it’s then a matter of getting them to bite and this little spot has produced at least 4 and up to 8 barra per session over the last month for my clients. Suspending lures have been the standout performer. I had a young client on charter that made a beautiful cast in against a section of lily pads, only to get his line tangled. While […]

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